Angry Birds Match: the last of Rovio can now be downloaded for free

It is already within the expected that the great premieres of films are accompanied by the corresponding games inspired by them. And that also applies apparently to films based on games, so that with the new of the popular Rovio franchise for the theaters a new title of the franchise has also arrived to the App Store and Google Play: Angry Birds Match.

The game system of Angry Birds Match is the usual one of the genre: we will have to create groups of three equal elements to make them disappear and get points. If we join four equal elements, in addition, we will call Red, which we can throw in any direction to destroy everything in its path. And if we join five elements, we will call Bomb, which will have even more devastating effects.

Angry Birds Match: a new assault of angry birds in the Candy Crush saga

It could be strange that after having extended his franchise to all imaginable genres of mobile games, including some that seemed as alien as the RPG, Rovio was taking so long to try his luck with one of the most successful, connecting puzzles. 3, but suddenly seems firmly determined to dethrone Candy Crush.

And it is at the beginning of the year he tried his luck in this field with Angry Birds Blast, but since he has not achieved success with himself with other titles and that, nevertheless, there are countless franchises that are taking gold from him.

It seems that they have decided to make a second attempt, this time with a name that leaves much less doubt about the purpose of the game and taking advantage of the pull of the film.

More than a thousand levels and adorable chicks plus angry birds

There is not much to be said about game mechanics either, which rarely varies too much in any of the titles of the genre, changing little more than what the pieces we have to connect represent, the background scenarios and maybe some of the power- up that we can use to simplify the task.

And Angry Birds Match is no exception in this sense, and what stands out is that next to the angry birds now we are going to have a lot of adorable chicks.

We must say in his favor, and that is one of the data to take into account when we decided to try some of these addictive games, we have more than a thousand levels to complete. So many hours of entertainment are assured and the puzzles are quite varied (within what can be expected).

Now you can download free for iOS and Android

As expected in a game of this type, the download will be free and is now available for both iOS and Android, so there is no wait to try it. You have to be careful, yes, if the recipients are children because here there are in-app purchases.

And if you’re left wanting more, or what is more likely in view of the amount of levels offered, wanting something a little different, nothing better than enjoying the different versions of Angry Birds which of different ways and strategies offer hours of fun on your Smartphone.