Download Angry Birds Goal for Android, the birds invade football

If you want to know a game that has reached great popularity in smartphones, that is Angry Birds, and it seems that the popular characters do not want to go out of style.

Now you can download Angry Birds Goal! For Android, a game that mixes a management base of soccer team with moments of action in the matches. Of course, few genres are left to touch these birds.

It is obvious that we must seize the moment, and Angry Birds Goal! It is a new free game, but set in the world of football.

On the one hand we must train Red, the only player on the team we control. We must level up their skills, buy accessories, maintain good relations with the members of the club. Then, in the games, we will read the broadcast, and we will play fragments, like shots on goal, passes, and centers or unmarks.

There is a certain place for strategy, because we can manage the character’s effort, and adopt a more defensive or attacking position.

Luckily, the moments of comments of the game can be accelerated, because it does not make much sense to see how the plays count us instead of actively participating in them.

It’s not the best version of Angry Birds, but it entertains

This version has not been cataloged the best of the franchise, but nothing wrong to download and play it to see what its functions and gameplay are.

Of course, in a short time the tedious ads start or pay money to move faster. But it can be fun to play with the annoying birds in honor of one of the most watched sports in the world such as football.

Angry Birds Goal! It has only been released as a test in some countries. You may still receive touch-ups before your official presentation. However, if you activate the installation of apps outside the official Android store, you can use this link to get the necessary file to enjoy it.

How to download Angry Birds Goal for Android

If we do not have enough with no less than 17 games between sequels and spin-poffs, now comes a new flavor of Angry birds with one of the few topics that had not yet been touched: football.

Angry Birds Goal is based on the successful New Star Soccer. In fact, if we delve into the provenance of the developer team, it happens to be based in the same city in the United Kingdom as the people of New Star Games.

The mechanics of Angry Birds Goal! Is to propose us to be a soccer manager where we will have to improve the skills of our staff without leaving aside other aspects such as the relationship with fans or sponsors.

We can talk about a somewhat decaffeinated manager in which the development of the matches is done automatically except punctual actions where we can control our players to make plays or shoot on goal.

At the moment Angry Birds Goal! It is a soft-launch like a cathedral, and although it is not yet published internationally, you can download its APK from which it can be installed and played regardless of our geographical location.