Enjoy the new Angry Birds Evolution for smartphones

This famous game Angry Birds is the popular title developed by Rovio for smartphones devices and that has been so successful over the years, continues to delight players with new playable bets.

Now, both iOS and Android users can download the title ‘Angry Birds Evolution’ on their phones, whose gameplay and visual aspect have made a striking evolutionary leap. Available for free in the aforementioned systems, the work of the Rovio studio has received news.

One of the versions of the game was dedicated for Heavy-Metal lovers, specifically the popular band Iron Maiden. We are talking about Eddie, the mascot of the English band founded by Steve Harris in 1975 and who will be part of ‘Angry Birds Evolution’.

This character though he went out for Halloween will stay forever

The users of this delivery can get Eddie’s egg in order to incubate it, get hold of the well-known mascot of Iron Maiden and all its evolutionary stages based on the four most popular albums of the Heavy-Metal band, namely: Killers, Powerslave, Somewhere in time and Book of Souls.

Rovio has shared a video with CGI and playable material in which we can see the appearance of Eddieven ‘Angry Birds Evolution’, which puts fear in the body of the pigs of the game as soon as you see it, and that you can see published at the end of the text.

Something that has disappointed many is that the game is a free-to-play. So players will be forced in some cases to have to spend money to evolve throughout the game. That has been a lot of criticism to this Angry Birds Evolution. The essence of the game has been somewhat diluted. Now it only matters to earn money. Is it like that?

How Angry Birds Evolution works

The game has taken some inspiration in some Pokémon Go things. Throughout the levels you have to get a total of 100 different birds. You have to capture them. In some of the levels they are very rare and unique birds, so you will have to use more strength and strategy to be able to make them.

Once you manage to capture one of the birds you have two options. You can save them as part of your team, or you can exchange them for tools to improve your level.

The graphics of the game are one of the main claims of the same. Angry Birds Evolution presents extremely careful 3D graphics, something that undoubtedly greatly benefits the player’s experience.

And somehow they serve to give a new life to the game, since they get the way in which we interact with it is different. So that is an aspect in which we must congratulate Rovio for the enormous work done.

But in general Angry Birds Evolution leaves you with mixed feelings. The game is not bad, although it’s nothing new. We know how it works, even if there are a couple of new features. Having to pay to advance in the game is not pleasant either.