Now you can download Angry Birds FPS: First Person Slingshot

If we tell you that you can already download Angry Birds FPS you will surely answer us how is it possible if we always play the traditional version that has been around for years. Well, since the birds and pigs supposed a resolution in the mobile game six years ago we have seen many derivatives and versions, but really there was a version like this that we show you below.

So officially this Angry Birds FPS. And what’s new? Well little for the six years that have passed and taking into account the variations we have seen along the way.

The game is not only in our smartphones also in mixed reality, so we can enjoy the Birds in different scenarios.

More of the same but free

The new version of Angry Birds repeats the initial idea that gave so much success to Rovio and that it is difficult to get back. There are new characters, levels, history, powers and some modification of the game form, with the inclusion of spells, for example, or trophies and more social burden with the help of Facebook.

The Angry Birds FPS download is free and can be done right now, for both iOS and Android. In addition this game becomes the first mixed reality game for Magic Leap One

The game Angry Birds FPS: First Person Slingshot is a development between its creators Rovio and Resolution Games, a Swedish developer of virtual reality and augmented. The curious thing about all this is that the game will come exclusively to Magic Leap One, the controversial device that took years to hit the market with the promise of a revolution in the field of virtual and augmented reality.

What is Angry Birds FPS about: First Person Slingshot

Contrary to what many might think, Angry Birds FPS looks pretty good. In fact, long before its launch, Rovio invited some people in the United States to meet him and play before anyone else.

The comments in general were positive when mentioning that the elements that gave Angry Birds success for several years are maintained.

Some assure that the graphics have a very good resolution, so this must have been the launch demo for Magic Leap One, instead of that unfortunate example that brought so many criticisms to the device.

Angry Birds FPS keeps the game mechanics that we all know; only now it will be possible to move around the scenarios, in order to analyze them and prepare our strategy. Even the characters react to our presence, so we will have mocking laughs from the green pigs, or messages of support from the angry birds.

After putting on these glasses, the world of Angry Birds makes the leap to our room, our kitchen or our living room.

From the mixed reality, the pigs begin to build their strengths on the common areas of our home and the classic flock of birds comes to the rescue of the stolen eggs.

An immersive game, much more visually attractive, which hopes to win again millions of players around the world.