The best versions of Angry Birds for Android

Angry Birds has become one of the most important sagas they have created for smartphones. An impact that has crossed all types of borders and has led to the arrival of all kinds of products related to this franchise: comics, television series, merchandising to tutiplen, movies, among others.

Even an amusement park. Nobody can doubt the importance of the angry birds of Rovio and that’s why today we make a list with the best games of Angry Birds that have come on Android.

The best versions of Angry Birds Saga

Angry Birds the original saga

Following the tradition of classical literature, we have to start at the beginning. The first title of the saga is the most important of all, since it was the one that unleashed all the popularity of the franchise.

We doubt that there is anyone on the globe who does not know what this mythical game is about, but it is the work that made it fashionable to throw objects against buildings in order to destroy our objectives. It was not the first, but there is no doubt that it was the one that made this subgenre fashionable.

Angry Birds POP

Angry Birds video games have touched all kinds of possible genres to take advantage of its popularity to the end. This Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter will remind us of mythical Puzzle Bobble as they assume their gameplay.

At least it has different game modes and the charisma that has made the games of this franchise famous. It is a colorful and very enjoyable game.

Angry Birds Epic

The turn-based battles do not escape from the long shadow of Angry Birds either. This epic presents us again the confrontation of our birds against the green pigs, but this time we will have to do it with weapons of the fantastic Middle Ages.

A magnificent adventure in which we will rescue the classic birds of the saga to incorporate them into our team. It is a hilarious title with a very different approach to the usual franchise. Let it not be said that they have not tried to do different things.

Angry Birds Space

We recovered the classic gameplay of the saga in which we launched our birds, but now with a twist: to be in space we will have to count on the gravity of the planets.

It is one of the most original games of Angry Birds and that most match you to their scenarios. At first it may be difficult for us to get used to their physics, but it is a great gift that we cannot miss.

Angry Birds Blast Island

The diversification of Rovio’s games has meant that we have Angry Birds video games of all different flavors and colors.

One of his last games has been this Blast Island that offers us an experience similar to games like Homescapes or Gardenscape. You know, make puzzles to reform the home. The game is pretty good and you can enjoy it without any geographical restriction problems.

Angry Birds Bad Piggies

There are countless times that we have incarnated the birds of Angry Birds, but what about the pigs? This thought was settled with a video game featuring these cute enemies in a game totally different from what we are used to in the saga.

A fun title in which we will have to create vehicles that can take our green protagonists to the finish line. It is as ingenious as great.