You can download Angry Birds for PC

In 2009 the game Angry Birds was created, designed for mobile touch screen devices, such as Android, iPhone, etc., becoming a real success and the best-selling game for mobile media so far and with a big difference ahead of to the rest of competitors.

The truth is that it is really entertaining, addictive and has liked many generations but it goes beyond the game and has begun to make toys associated with the famous birds and have also created different editions of the game Angry Birds for Windows PC, XBOX , PS3 and of course for web environments in HTML5.

The different editions of Angry Birds for PC

Classic Angry Birds for PC

Angry Birds is a game of skill for Windows with which we can enjoy playing to knock down buildings by throwing nice little birds against them.

The reason for this is that these buildings are inhabited by some evil pigs that have stolen the eggs of the birds, thus coming to their rescue.

There are different birds with which we can make the assault. Each of them has different skills: more speed, more power, work distribution, change of direction, etc.

If you want to download and install the classic Angry Birds in Windows, now it is possible from AngryBirdsClassic. The typical game of Android mobile devices but versioned to play at full capacity with your computer.

Angry Birds Rio for PC

The Birds of Angry Birds have made a trip to Rio de Janeiro and, of course, have not been able to spend even a moment without being head-butted with everything in their path.

Angry Birds Rio is a game in which two elements of success are united: the game Angry Birds in its entire splendor and the Rio movie with its setting and unique characters.

In this game our favorite birds ally with the protagonists of Rio to enlist in a long adventure full of exotic scenarios and fairly new elements that will delight the followers of the Angry Birds saga.

Available to download Angry Birds Rio for computer from AngryBirdsRio.

Angry Birds Seasons for PC

And as a novelty available to download the Angry Birds Seasons edition on your PC for free, recently presented for Android and iOS platforms that you can now enjoy on your Windows computer by downloading it from AngryBirdsSeasons.

It has infinity of new levels combining episodes with themes of Valentine’s Day, Halloween, St. Patrick, etc.

Angry Birds space

Angry Birds Space reaches computers around the world to give us the possibility to put into orbit the most charismatic birds in the world of video games.

That our funny little birds fly through space instead of through the air brings as a main novelty the fact that now we will have to be very careful with the different gravitational gravity and fields that we will see in each level. So before shooting them we will have to be very attentive to how the birds will behave in a vacuum, because it will not always be the same.

The game has sixty levels in which, as usual, we will have to try to get the three stars of rigor. With only one will be enough to keep moving forward, but thanks to this system we will always have a challenge ahead.

Now also available the new Angry Birds Space, for Android devices, iPhone or iPad, for PC and also for Mac.